Operating information in Finland

Are you planing on visiting Finland?
Would you like to use your amateur radio station while visiting?

Read ahead to find out what to do to get on the air!

First possibility

  • If you have a CEPT-license, you may use your station without notifying the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority in advance. To find out if your amateur radio license is a valid CEPT-license please contact your national league or PTT.

    The callsign you are requested to use while working in Finland is as follows. Infront of your home callsign add OH/ (OH0/ in the Aland Islands). If for example DL1ABC operates from a hotel room in Tampere, he should use the callsign OH/DL1ABC/P. Read more

Second possibility

License exams in Finland

  • If you want to get a permanent Finnish callsign, that is possible too. Finnish amateur radio exams are available also in English. These have to be ordered two months in advance to the exam. There is no studying material in English for the Finnish license exam. For further information please contact the SRAL office. Read more

General information