OH2HQ Award

The SRAL Headquarters announces OH2HQ Awards Programme for IARU 2003

Example: if a station has a QSO with OH2HQ on 80SSB, 80CW, 20CW and 10CW, that is 4 QSOs with OH2HQ and qualifies for the Swan award for European station or for the Lynx award for a DX station.

Award pricing

The Swan and Lynx awards cost 3 euros, 3 USDs or 5 IRC with your direct QSL. The Reindeer award costs 2 euros, 2 USDs or 3 IRC with your direct QSLs. The Bear award costs one euro, one USD or or one IRC with your QSLs.

Award delivery

Sufficient amount of money with direct QSL(s) functions as the application and award will be sent with the QSLs in a large envelope.

Address for award & QSLs

Jukka Klemola OH6LI
Aarontie 5