OH2HQ is the Headquarters Station of the Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) in the IARU HF Contest, 12-13 July. This is a joint effort of SRAL and Contest Club Finland (CCF).

Last year, the SRAL HQ Team was placed second in the Headquarters Category. This year OH2HQ will put a strong effort in improving the score and ranking.

On this page, you will see OH2HQ's live score during the contest as it happens. The page will refresh automatically once a minute. So be sure to bookmark it in your browser.

OH2HQ frequencies

160m CW&SSB        1837-1841
80CW               3511-3514
80SSB              3770-3785
40CW               7011-7014,
40CW at 01-03 UTC: also 7030-7034 for No. America
40SSB              7065-7080, QSX up for NA
20CW               14034
20SSB              14255
15CW               21034
15SSB              21255 or 21315
10CW               28034
10SSB              28455 or 28530