Tricks & tips

-- Operating tricks & hints for quick but accurate logging

Part 1

An example of a contact:

HQ: Oscar Hotel two Hotel Quebec,
    Oscar Hotel two Hotel Quebec, Contest
A:  Oscar Hotel two Alpha
HQ: Oscar hotel two Alpha five nine
    sierra radio alpha lima
A:  Thanks five nine one eight
HQ: Thanks Oscar Hotel two Hotel Quebec
LI: Oscar Hotel six Lima India ..

This is accurate and fast.

If the OH2A station would say 'Thanks five nine one eight seventythrees', the reliability of the contact would be severely compromised. OH2HQ would ask 'What is your zone' and OH2A would likely answer 'Five nine one eight, eighteen, one eight'. The extra discussion takes time as much as a full contact with OH6LI if the QSO is promptly excecuted. That means the OH2HQ rate might be compromised.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

OH is in zone 18. In the IARU contest this means all central Europe and European Russia is three points. OM, OK, HB9, UX, UA3, UA6 are three points to OH2HQ.

UA3, UA6, UX are 1 point to R3HQ and OM, OK, HB9 are 1 point to DA0HQ.

This means operating OH2HQ gives a better score.