SAC 2003: IT9ORA, op. Gianni.
SAC 2003

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SAC 2003 Soapbox Comments


SAC-kilpailuun soveltuvia lokiohjelmia

All stations that sent acceptable electronic logs have been evaluated for accuracy.

It is more difficult to operate accurately when one has more contacts. Therefore the main measurable for accuracy is the accuracy % divided by number of contacts. To make the figure readable the originaö ratio is multiplied by 1000.

Result is accuracy measurable.

Photographs of SAC 2003 stations are encouraged to be sent to OH6LI,, so we would have better and more interesting web pages.

Thank you to OH6BG for making log converting SW and to many Finns in converting more complex, non-cabrillo- logs to cabrillo.

Special thanks to SM2EZT for making the SAC log checking software smooth to use.