The Finnish Amateur Radio  League SRAL

The Finnish Amateur Radio League SRAL is the national central organization of Finnish radio amateurs. The association was founded in 1921. It has about 3,500 members.

The tasks of the league, among others:

  • responsible for organizing amateur radio examinations in Finland
  • collaborates with the Transport and Communications Agency Traficom on matters related to amateur radio regulations, frequencies and qualifications
  • member of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and the Nordic Radio Amateur Union (NRAU). The association participates in international advocacy work and in securing amateur radio frequencies and promoting the conditions for amateur radio
  • monitors the use of amateur radio frequencies and works with the IARU and telecommunications administrations to keep frequency bands designated for the exclusive use of radio amateurs free from other radio traffic
  • publishes the magazine Radioamatööri
  • maintains the QSL Bureau for its members’ incoming and outgoing QSL cards
  • coordinates amateur radio beacons and repeater stations in Finland.

Address: SRAL, P.O.Box 44, 00440 Helsinki, Finland

E-mail: toimisto@sral.fi

Telephone: +358 9 562 5973

SRAL 100 years -award

The Finnish Amateur Radio League issues the SRAL 100 award in honor of the 100th anniversary year 2021. For the award, you must have contacts with at least 100 different OH amateurs. The contacts must be held between 1.1.2021 and 31.12.2021. All bands and modes allowed for radio amateurs may be used. Contacts via repeater stations are not accepted. Short wave listeners can also apply for the award.

For contact with SRAL’s anniversary station OH100SRAL, a special mention is given in the award.

Contacts must be verified by QSL cards or via the Logbook of the World (LotW). For the application, the applicant shall prepare an extract from the log showing the call sign, date, band and mode for each contact. The application shall be accompanied by an affirmation signed by two radio amateurs that the verifications of the contacts have been examined.

The application is sent to the address SRAL, Award Manager, PO Box 44, FI-00441 HELSINKI. The award fee is €10 or $12 . Payment can be made to SRAL’s bank account or together with the request. Foreign radio amateurs can also make a payment via PayPal.

OH Northern Light 100-year certificate (OH-NL-100)

For this certificate you also have contacts with 100 Finnish radio amateurs: 50 OH-stations and 50 OF-stations (will be on the air for 100 days starting 15 September 2021. These stations give you 100 points. Furthermore there will be 10 special multiplyer stations giving you a total of 1000 points. For details see the rules.

For other awards by SRAL see the awards page. Text in English below the Finnish text.

OH100SRAL anniversary call sign


The Finnish Amateur Radio League SRAL celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021. The anniversary call sign OH100SRAL will be used throughout the year 2021. Requests for direct QSL cards can be sent to OH1NDA (see address on QRZ.com). Please include SAE + $2 or €2 or IRC (check the date of the IRC! If the IRC is invalid the QSL will be sent via the bureau).

The logs will be uploaded to LotW every month. QSL cards will be sent via the bureau.



Radio amateurs visiting Finland

Foreign radio amateurs with a CEPT HAREC (T/R 61-01) license can, for a stay of up to three months, without a special permit operate amateur radio in Finland. The temporary call sign to be used is OH/your call or in Aland Islands OH0/your call.

Holders of a foreign CEPT HAREC license may operate on the same terms as Finnish license holders.

Questions about amateur radio in Finland can be sent to toimisto@sral.fi

For more information about frequencies see the band plans linked below.

IARU Region 1 HF band plan

IARU Region 1 VHF & Up band plans