Contest University Finland 2017

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The 1st Contest University Finland.

Contest University Finland 2017 celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence.
The 2nd CTU Finland will be organized in conjunction with the SRAL Summer Camp at Mustiala Manor on Friday 7.7.2017 klo 09:00 … 17:00 local time.
Please join us to listen interesting, internationally acknowledged, lecturers about various topics around contesting. Both new and experienced contesters will find something new for them.
Chris Kovarik 9A5K, creator of DXLog and master of the latest operating techiques. You will learn how high scores are achieved e.g. at K1LZ, E7DX, 9A1A ja JT5DX super stations.
Jouko Häyrynen OH1RX, will give the latest news of the WRTC 2018 just only 364 days to go.
Pekka Ketonen OH1TV, a true specialist in antenna design and technology will reveal secrets of the low band receive antenna systems.
Kari Hirvonen OH2BP, Mr. RTTY will tell us about the increasingly popular contest mode ABC and D.
Ranko Boca 4O3A, founder of  a super station and a tech company to bring his innovations to commercial products to enable modern operating techniques to be applied.
09:00 Registration begins
09:45 Opening remarks, Timo Korhonen OG9X
10:00 Review on new single op and multi op operating methods, Chris Kovarik 9A5K
11:15 WRTC 2018 update, Jouko Häyrynen OH1RX
11:30 Using modern technology to improve your station and score, Ranko Boca 4O3A
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 Possibilities of an advanced logging software, Chris Kovarik 9A5K
14:30  Coffee break
15:00 Low band receiving antennas, Pekka Ketonen OH1TV
16:00 RTTY today and tomorrow, Kari Hirvonen OH2BP
16:30  Discussion about OH contests and future of contesting in Finland
≈ 17:00 Closing remarks, Timo Korhonen OG9X
Participation fee: 50,00€ payable on arrival includes

  • participation
  • lunch
  • coffee
  • CTU 2017 T-shirt (remember to inform your shirt size)

Online registration
Note, extended registration deadline: 31.5.2017.
Nb. If you come from Sweden by ferry, you will reach Mustiala well in time from Turku harbour, and there is enough time to catch the ferry in the evening. You would have enough time to prepare for the IARU HF contest starting 12.00z on Saturday!
Welcome to OF100!

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