Class-leading IC-7610 transceiver installed at remote station OH2A

The Finnish Amateur Radio League SRAL has installed a new Icom IC-7610 amateur radio transceiver at the remote station OH2A, located in Padasjoki. The transceiver equipment was sponsored by the Finnish amateur radio dealer SRAL thanks Jyrki Nieminen OH6CS from for the sponsorship!

In addition to excellent reception sensitivity and transmission audio quality, the IC-7610 offers a waterfall spectrum display for remote control, which allows you to view bands in the same way as on the screen of the rig. Below is a screenshot of the Web Radio Control remote software showing the waterfall display.

As a member of SRAL, you can request access to the remote station by sending an email to address For more detailed information about the station, please see the terms of use and the instructions for getting your personal user account on the remote stations page (in Finnish only). Please note that use of the remote station requires an amateur radio license.

Web Radio Control remote control software for the new IC-7610 radio at station OH2A

Michael Fletcher OH2AUE and Mikael Nousiainen OH3BHX were responsible for updating the remote station hardware. As a part of the update, they made an effort to improve the RF environment by reducing potential sources of interference. The new rig was installed in a rack case that attenuates RF interference. Additionally, filters were added to the input power cables, and the switching power supply for the Raspberry Pi running the remote control software was replaced with a linear power supply.

IC-7610 installed in a rack enclosure
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