Museolaivojen viikonloppu 1.-2.6.2019 / The Museum Ships Weekend 1.-2.6.2019

Miinalaiva HNLMS Hoogeveen
Miinalaiva HNLMS Hoogeveen Den Helderissä.

Museolaivojen viikonloppu pidetään tänä vuonna kesäkuun ensimmäisenä viikonloppuna, 1.-2.6.2019. Uniikkeja qusoja on saatavissa ympäri maailman, sillä tapahtumaan osallistuu yli 100 erityislaatuista laivaa. Kyseessä ei ole kilpailu. Lisätietoja tapahtumaan osallistuvista aluksista ja sertifikaateista löytyy sivulta
Below information from Willem van Essen, PA3CNI.
The Museum Ships Weekend this year will be held during the weekend of June 1 and 2. Transmissions will be sent from all sorts of old and special ships worldwide, so as to enable unique QSO’s. This is not a competition, so if there is too much contest-violence going on, there is the option to move to the WARC-bands. All information about, among other things, participating vessels and an optional certificate, can be found on the website .
One of these special ships is located in Den Helder (Netherlands), the former minesweeper HNLMS Hoogeveen. It dates from when ships were made of wood and men of steel. From the time that the Royal Dutch Navy had a large minesweeper fleet to keep our harbors and shipping lanes safe from drifting mines leftover from WW II. The Hoogeveen has been decommissioned and has been in the care of the ‘Friends of the Royal (Dutch) Navy’ Foundation (Stichting Vrienden van de Koninklijke Marine). Staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by donations, the Foundation’s goal is to preserve the ship as cultural heritage. You can read more about the history, the progress of the restauration and donation opportunities at Members of the Marine Radio Amateur Club (Marac) have managed to return the radio hut to its original (and working!) state. To commemorate this feat, the Hoogeveen will participate in the Museum Ships Weekend. Given the list of participating ships, the Hoogeveen will have good company. From Rotterdam, the SS Rotterdam will be participating under callsign PI4HAL and the Americans and Germans are well represented with battleships and submarines, among others. The callsign for Hoogeveen for this event will be PI4MRC and will primarily be transmitted on HF, in all modes and 2×24 hours.

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