Jatta, OH2IO

Jatta puhuu Mikrofoniin.
Marjatta ”Jatta” Koski, OH2IO, radioamatööriasemallaan Espoossa 1984. Kuva: Kalervo Korjus, OH2CX.

Marjatta  ”Jatta”  Koski
Jatta, OH2IO/OH1LAG, slept away from us on August, 2nd, 2006, after a long illness. Her career in ham radio lasted for over 30 years.
She was known on the bands as a cheerful and polite operator.
She found our hobby in the early 1970’s, made her licence and joined Suomen Radioamatööriliitto ry  –  The Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) in May 1974.
As a cheerful and active YL she was co-founding the club of OH-Young Ladies Society (OH-YLS) in he middle of 1980’s, a club that saw it’s birth in July 1987.
She was also a member of the board of SRAL in 1993-1995. Besides being active in SRAL, she also took part in local club activities. Kakkosten Kerho, OH2AA, a local club in Helsinki, promoted her for honorary member. She was also for years the president of Nordea Radio Amateur club, OH2UBF.  When Caravan Radio Amateur Club, OH3CRAC, was founded, she was one of the founding members and also a member of the board of the club.
International activities were as well close to her heart. She was one of the founder members of the organization of Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs (SYLRA). As a founder member and as the Finnish contact person she opened the door for the domestic YL’s to see a climbs of international YL-activities. As an active YL she was many times representing Finnish YL’s in various international conferences.
Since 1996 she was also the YL co-ordinator of SRAL. For years she wrote articles for the Radio amateur-magazine of SRAL and organized various YL-activities all around Finland.
Despite of the fact, that her husband Markku, OH1DB, died suddenly after a serious illness, she had the energy to be active in our hobby.
She was 1985 granted the Arvo Laro – prize as recognition of her activities in promoting amateur radio in local club’s.
As a sympathetic and warm-hearted person she always had time for other people. Her door was always open for visitors, she had the ability to listen and give help to people in their good days and in their bad days.
We have lost a great person and our grief is enormous.
In this time of bereavement, and on behalf of the Radio Amateurs in Finland and the world, we would like to convey our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to her family, friends and to all those who admired her as they mourn her loss. May her soul rest in peace.
Remembering her keeps her alive in our hearts and minds.
Annika OH2HSJ             Anne OH2YL           Tuulikki  OH7XX

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