POLAR 2022 (in English)

Registration for POLAR2022 OH YOTA camp is open!

SRAL’s youth team and South Western Finland’s scouts organize the camp together in Leirisalo, Kemiö 14.-16.10.2022 (Same location as NOTA 2019).

The theme of the camp will be JOTA-JOTI, which is the biggest annual scout event gathering millions of young people from all around the globe.

The participation fee is 30 euros including accommodation, food, program, and a possible car ride from Salo (easily accessible by public transportation). The camp is primarily directed to youth between the ages from 15 to 28.

You will receive more detailed information about the camp and the logistics about 2 weeks before the camp. Before that, you can contact us organizers for more information (nuoriso@nullsral.fi / scout related matters oh1esi@nullsral.info)

Registration: https://forms.gle/sck6KYjZhfeVtBFe8

Please note, that the last day for registration is 30.9.2022. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the camp!

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